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oktober 18, 2018

open studio Nov. 10 & 11

My studio will be open on November 10 and 11 2018, you are welcome to see my latest work.

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september 25, 2018

summer has ended (I hope)

Finally the summer ended, it took too long and it was too hot, in my studio it often felt like it

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mei 28, 2018

spoiled for choice

My triptych at his new spot, on the wall at DELA crematory in Goes.

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maart 21, 2018


Friday March 9th 2018 my story about Schwarzmalen was printed in the newspaper, AD Rotterdam.

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maart 05, 2018

schwarzmalen3 starts!

Thank all investors!

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februari 16, 2018

Schwarzmalen 3

February 1st the crowdfunding dor Schwarzmalen3 started. The campaign will run untill March 9th.

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januari 24, 2018

Schwarzmalen 3

HappyCrowd Schwarzmalen3 is near!

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oktober 26, 2017

newsletter sent

It's time again to send a 

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september 24, 2017

open studio's November 18 & 19 2017

This autumn there will be open studio's again, in the weekend of November 18 and 19 our

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september 01, 2017


Would you like to read the newest there is to know about my artist practice?

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